A recent lunch on the run with raw onion. How would you take yours: grilled, raw, or no onion?

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    1. Fried is good too! I think you would like this burger. It’s from a chain called Burger Lounge. This is their vegan patty. They use a mix of quinoa and other tasty plant based ingredients. The cheese is vegan too!

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    1. I agree, Tony. Depends on the dish. I like em every which way I suppose. Sautéed, caramelized, grilled, raw, fried. If only I could figure out how to cut them without crying!


  1. Grilled and raw are both great, but I have noticed once I hit 40, that I cannot tolerate as many onions. They don’t DO anything to me per se, but where once I put heaps of onions, like potato salad and tuna salad, I now can put just a tablespoon, and it still is potent for me and the hubs. Makes me sad. It’s like jalapenos; we use to eat tons on our pizza, and now they are mean to us. At least, they don’t make me cry to chop.

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    1. I’m in the same camp Kerbey. Getting ready to celebrate another birthday here shortly and the changes are subtle but collectively are becoming more noticeable. Onions, jalapeños, coffee. Lucky you don’t cry when you chop onions!


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