Gold Rush Crush

Taking a few steps back from the super up close view from my phone to bring you a glimpse of historic downtown Marysville, California.

Twinkle lights strung from store front to tree.

During the Gold Rush many Chinese immigrants began to settle in the area between the Feather and Yuba Rivers and the gold mines of the Sierra Nevada foothills. The influence of Chinese aesthetic is evident in the architectural design of the buildings in the downtown area.

Curses, my shaky hands cloud the shot!

If I got in closer you could see the Chinese lettering on the small building to the left. My mistake. I’m still a novice with this Nikon.

“The permanent Chinese population in town rose to around one thousand by 1860. Marysville became Sam Fou, the third most important city for Chinese in California.” –National Register of Historic Places in Yuba County, California

Brothels and Gambling Halls were big business when the town was young.

I’ll post more pictures from my morning in Marysville soon! If you like these snap shots you may also enjoy seeing the once beautiful Hotel Marysville I initially shared with you a couple years ago.


14 replies to “Gold Rush Crush

  1. It’s very interesting, the story of the Chinese in the West. We’ve run into some really amazing places in our wanderings – an old temple/museum that still operates up in the northern California mountains (Weaverville Joss House) and a museum that maintains a Chinese doctor’s office and home just as it was in the very old days, in eastern Oregon (Kam Wah Chung Heritage Site). I recommend both if you’re ever nearby. Your photos and processing are very nice for the subject. Thanks for the follow!

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  2. I do truly love your blog Sandra. It always inspires me to say/write something. Not sure this is good news for your readers, but it makes me happy. I need to spend more and more and more time here, perusin’ for a bruisin’.

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    1. Lance! You are always welcome! I am so happy to hear your voice again on WP. So many great stories you have shared and you have always been such an encouraging spirit. I have always enjoyed our visits! Please take good care!


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