Silver Dollar Saloon

Another historic building from my visit to downtown Marysville, California one of the oldest cities in the state. I’ve heard that the new owner of the establishment is a history buff who offers private tours of the building by request. May need to inquire within and report back.

Silver Dollar Saloon
Marysville, California

“The Silver Dollar Saloon is located at the corner of D and 1st Streets in Marysville, next door to the Bok Kai Temple. It is one of the oldest historical landmarks in Marysville. It was built in 1851 and until 1972 a brothel operated upstairs. In the late 60s and early 70s, the Silver Dollar Saloon was known as the Guadalajara Café and was owned by Natividad Corona, the half-brother of local serial killer Juan Corona. As a result of various events in its past, some people allege that the Silver Dollar Saloon is haunted.”

Territorial Dispatch

Do you believe in ghosts?


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