La Panaderia

Brissa and Co is a bright and beautiful market, restaurant, bakery that is so visually stunning I needed several minutes to take it all in before I was able to give the menu any attention.

Decorative tile embellishments throughout.

The food is fresh and amazing using quality ingredients. Even the tortillas are made by hand. Why didn’t I take pictures of the delicious dishes and pan dulces? Better revisit soon. The lengths I go to for you, dear reader.

Happy colorful art everywhere.

More on the establishment in their own words from their website:

“A Mexican Market and Eatery. A Bakery featuring homemade Mexican influenced desserts and pastries. A Boutique of Mexican inspired décor and fashion.”

One of each please.
I love this cheery bird cage.
Brilliant color from ceiling to floor.

If you’re ever near Folsom in California, make time for this gem.


15 replies to “La Panaderia

    1. Thank you, Chris! When we walked in for the first time I immediately thought about the picture you recently shared of the place with the yummy po boys. So thank you for the inspiration!


    1. It was really delicious, Mark! Erik had a chicken and a carnitas taco Oliva had a quesadilla and I had a veggie fajita bowl that was stuffed with beans and rice and lots of roasted veggies. We need to return for desserts next time. Too full to continue the feed. Do you and Karen enjoy Mexican food out your way?


      1. That sounds really delicious, Sandra! Yes, Karen and I love Mexican food here and when we travel. Also, I think she would go for the veggie fajita bowl the way she is trending of late. I would go for carnitas enchicalada AND street taco, probably!

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