Milk Money

I think that’s a cactus.
I got distracted by the donut case.

Milk Money is a donut and ice-cream shop in downtown Sacramento.

Mmm donuts!

They keep it simple with only a few offerings each day. Today the vegan donut was lemon flavored topped with pieces of gummy lemon candy.

Fluffy, sweet, dreamy.

Pairs well with coffee next door from what the hubs tells me. Next time. Do you enjoy donuts? What’s your favorite kind?

S’mores toasty gooey marshmallow goodness

12 replies to “Milk Money

    1. Yummmm! That sounds great, Chris. Chocolate Old Fashioned cake donut is one of my favorites. I may have too many favorites. Makes a trip to the donut shop a guaranteed win though.

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