Passenger View Along I-5

Some local residents southbound I-5

Admiring the orchards and crops that line both sides of the interstate while out for a drive.

Freshly planted acreage.
Wine Grapes

Sadly my shots of the almond orchards in bloom and the orange orchards didn’t turn out. Snapping as we drive along at 70 mph is tricky!

Spring 2020 I-5 Southbound


    1. Sandra

      I like that little tree too John! These foothills are usually very dry and brown. There’s a short period of time in late winter when the grass softens and grows green. 🌾🌞🌾


    1. Sandra

      Thank you Chris! I worried these were too blurry to post but this part of CA is not green for very long. It’s usually dry and brown. We likely won’t be back through this way before it changes.

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