Locked Up

I happened upon this bike and thought, “aw this poor goof left in a rush and locked the fence instead of the bike.” Something I can completely see myself doing as a distractible person. Hey look, a wild turkey!!!

Or maybe it was a very trusting (cough)gullible(cough) person who believed the bike would be just fine without the lock in place. No, can’t be. Finally I convinced myself it must have been a poorly caffeinated individual as it was very early in the morning. They just weren’t thinking clearly.

Then I looked closer and saw the cable lock. Maybe I’m the one who needs more coffee. And to mind my own business. So I took the snap and carried on.

Did you notice the cable lock right away?


17 replies to “Locked Up

  1. Every so often I notice abandoned bikes lying on their sides near our neighborhood, and I always think, “Oh, there was clearly a child abducted here.” Why else would you drop your bike in the middle of a sidewalk, nowhere near a house, and leave it there for hours? And yet I hear of no abductions, so I cannot make heads or tails of it.

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    1. Your child abduction theory is a funny one, Kerbey. I feel like I must add that I find it funny because no children were truly abducted. Unless…aliens? 👽


  2. Do you think the turkey unlocked the large lock to steal the bike, but the bike owner, knowing that turkeys don’t have opposable thumbs, put on the cable lock as an extra safeguard, thereby frustrating the turkey and sending him off in a huff up the road to the coffee house for some java? ❤

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      1. More than I have on my bike, that’s for sure! Are you able to say where the photo was taken? I’m wondering if those are travel stickers, showing all the places the guy/gal had traveled while on the bike.

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