Street Signs

Sea wolves. If my Spanish is right. Which is 50/50, to be honest.

Placerville, CA


The low clouds and tree tops give it a mood.
A moody Mels

This sign works in this city of trees.

Antiques and Treasures

Feeling some ink?

Royal treatment if you’re into royal pain.

Need a haircut?

Bowtie Barbershop

Back to the sea, although we’re nowhere near the ocean.

Me too.

The sign behind “I love Mermaids” is “Hangtown Leathers.” Placerville’s nickname is “Hangtown,” think noose. Not “hey, let’s hang out.”

An excerpt from the city website, “During the gold rush, Placerville was the seat of law and order where criminals met with swift justice often at the end of a rope, hence the early name of Hangtown.”

What do you think of Placerville’s Main Street? If you could visit a shop which would it be?


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