A Rainy Day Comic

Running out for a few essentials.

Parking lot isn’t bad. That’s hopeful.

The succulents outside are looking great!

The shelves inside aren’t looking so good.

Hopefully you’re doing well and finding what you need.

Take good care!




19 replies to “A Rainy Day Comic

    1. Thank you Peter! Fortunately we are doing ok. We think my husband has the virus, he has all the symptoms but they are rationing tests for the most vulnerable population. Makes sense. We are staying home and hoping for the best.

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      1. I am sorry to hear that, Sandra. I wish you both very well in such trying times. Testing is very limited here, too, in England, and we are self isolating because of potential symptoms. These are strange days indeed, and scary, but we have to remain positive and band together … even as from a distance. Best wishes.

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