Adventures at Home

Through the looking glass.

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”

-Lewis Carroll


16 replies to “Adventures at Home

  1. The Lewis Carroll quote is so apt for these times. Yes, I’ve been reading more also. Which is a good thing. Do you a have an e-reader so you can download e-books? Right now, all of the libraries here are closed so that’s how we can get reading material. Well, that and Amazon.

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    1. I happily discovered an app that connects to my local public library. It lets me borrow and read from my phone or ereader. I love it. I’m so happy you like this quote, Chris. It’s one of my favorites.

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      1. We have that app here in NH also. Have you tried BookBub? It’s an app that picks e-book from Free to $2.99 that are based on your tastes. You get 4-6 recommendations a day. Yes, that’s a great quote. Have a great night, Sandra. I hope your all safe and healthy.

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  2. This seems so appropriate for what we are all collectively going through at present. It is almost like the whole world has fallen down a rabbit hole, changing all our lives. It all feels kind of surreal. I love the quote. Always best to keep the mind occupied at a time like this, it always helps 🙂

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