Long Road

Another image from the archives.

Wheatland, California

35 replies to “Long Road

    1. Great idea, Alex! What song would you choose? I’m going with Saving Grace by Tom Petty from Highway Companion.

      “You keep running for another place
      To find that saving grace”

      I hope this link works:


    1. Yes, Kerbey. I was just saying I’m feeling nostalgic for transportation in general. Trains, cars, airplanes…weird, right? Not like I’m a road warrior. I’m actually a home body.

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      1. Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone, as I believe Cinderella sang many moons ago. But I didn’t Google it so maybe it was another band. I spend all day at home, so I’m pretty used to this. What I’m not used to is spending hours in line to get into a grocery store that doesn’t have any creamer on its shelves or good produce. I haven’t bought hand sanitizer in over a year and was hoping we could make do with the two pumps I bought long ago, but our entire city has been out of hand sanitizer since day one. Oh, wait, you didn’t ask for a novel.

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      1. The little things I miss, Sandra, you know? I drove through the Dunkin’ I usually walk to at morning library break and got the two coffees or my colleague and I, and the worker who usually hands them to us over the counter with a smile knew it was me from my voice and the orders and was waiting to say hello at the window. Yup, the little things.

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