The Pigeon is a Ham

These little guys flit in and out of the frame quickly.

Camera Shy

This guy, not so much.

“This is my good side.”

Ever heard of those entertaining Mo Willems books? “Don’t Let The Pigeon…” bomb your photos would be a good one. Here’s another picture of one of the little ones.

Takes a beat before the next flight.

He flew right in and out like a sprite. Not this one.

Selfie Ready

Another fast one.

“No time for my fans.”

And you know how it ends.

“Autographs anyone?”

He’s such a ham!


18 replies to “The Pigeon is a Ham

    1. Thank you John! My thoughts exactly, he is a round little ham. Always thinks the camera is for him. Hope you’re doing well in the sunshine out your way! Take good care. Bird love to you too! ❤


    1. Thank you, Pete! I really like that chubby little one too. Have you heard of the Coolpix P900? It’s an older mirrorless Nikon very small sensor but with enough light I can get shots like this from a distance. Hope you’re doing well and enjoying some down time.

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      1. I agree. I don’t think I’m describing it accurately. What I meant to say is it’s not a DSLR. Nice reach though. But I do prefer the quality of my DSLR photos. 😉

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