Snakes and Wildflowers

Some sound advice for the road ahead.


20 replies to “Snakes and Wildflowers

      1. I guess it is wild. I can hear coyotes at night but haven’t seen one in a long time. Luckily for your husband they’re not likely to go after something as big as an adult.

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      2. Yes! I’m so glad he didn’t have our little 4lb puppy with him. I hear coyotes are excellent at stalking and snatching.


  1. Nope. As much as you hate nearly anything in this world, I hate snakes more. And I hate it when people say, that’s a good snake. Nothing slithery is a good snake.

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    1. I like the passion you’re bringing here Kerbey! The feelings are strong. I have to agree. Although I did recently see a funny post where someone said “I think I wouldn’t be so afraid of snakes if they wore tiny party hats.” 🤣


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