Chance of Rain

An abstract of pool water because I’m short on available subjects on this overcast day.

17 replies to “Chance of Rain

  1. Some days are like that. Those are good days for pictures of picturesquely puddles like this one or shooting through droplets in a window. I follow a photographer in Bulgaria who does great work with rainy days. I hope you have sunny skies soon, Sandra.

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      1. It was an art class that I sort of foisted photography onto because I was nervous about my art skillls! I used a lot of arty shots of random things and that was one. There have been lots of gorgeous photos of reflections of cities and landscapes. Maybe you cou,d give it a go when this is all over?

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      2. I love that you’re mentioning this now because I’m editing a reflection of a tree in a puddle that I found on a walk this morning. Do you still create artwork? You have great ideas!

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      3. *wobbly psychic, The Twilight Zone music* Sounds pretty and quite profound too. 😊 No, it’s totally left me these days but thanks Sandra. I’ll settle for taking the EXACT picture of an item that I have in my mind or how I’m seeing a scene with my eyes instead. I love following your journey though and keep creating!

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  2. I love this! However… I have a chuckle for you. I was trying everything in my power yesterday to get our Hot Tub more clear. It was a bit cloudy. I was staring at that water all day yesterday trying my magical options. I got so tired of it and just kind of shut the lid on it and said… I’ll work on it in the morning. Well… this morning when I lifted the lid… it was so clear and the sun shining down on it was like an art form. So… your picture reminded me of my morning! And that’s your smile for the day! Hope the sun shines soooooon for you! ☀️🙂

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    1. I’m happy that this post reminded you of an unexpected victory, Nancy! Looks like it may be one more day of spotty showers and then sunshine! I hope you’re well. Take good care

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