Footpath Fencing

Happy weekend friends! I hope you are able to recharge and enjoy some down time.


  1. markbialczak

    These ones are wonderful, Sandra. Happy holiday weekend to you three. Yes, recharging will be happening for my dear wife Karen on this coast. The food is in. Mowing will be done by me a little later today. We’ll text the kids and spread the cheer. Maybe they’ll be driving our way for a safe visit, you never know with the young adults. I feel more relaxed already.

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    1. Sandra

      Happy to hear this, Mark! You have a great plan with some room for the unexpected as well. We are doing much the same around here too. May the good vibes be long lasting from coast to coast!


  2. milfordstreet

    Nice! Fences make great subjects for photos. This one looks like it goes on forever. That footpath looks like a nice place to walk (with social distancing, of course). I hope you’re planning something fun for your Saturday and have a great day. Take care.

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    1. Sandra

      Thank you Chris! The footpath used to wind through a protected area that has recently succumbed to a new development. Time marches on. We are planning on relaxing and enjoying some down time, zoom free for a while. I hope you are able to enjoy a few days of rest as well! Take good care

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  3. Peter Hillman

    I would love to have a look what’s in that field, taking my camera along with me! Nice traditional ranch-style fence. I used to erect these many moons ago when I was a carpenter. Nice evocative images, Sandra! Happy Hols there! 🙂

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