Where The Black Birds Are

This is near the place where all the red winged black birds congregate. It’s quiet this morning.

9 replies to “Where The Black Birds Are

  1. What a pretty spot. I love the quiet of morning. I’m just back from an early walk on local nature trails. There is just something special about that time. The air is so much fresher. I hope the rest of your day is great, Sandra. Tak care.

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    1. Thank you Chris! It’s a hopeful time of day. It’s my favorite time zone for sure. We played outside and had a BBQ just us 3. It was nice. I hope you are having a great break too.

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      1. I did something very necessary today and installed an air conditioner in our home office for teaching Zoom classes this summer. But my wife and I also had a BBQ.


    1. Hi John! Yes, it’s a busy place normally with lots of birds, ducks, snakes, rabbits, an occasional coyote. I love walking through here with the Nikon. I hope you are doing well out your way! Take good care


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