Lavender Abuzz

Our lavender is alive with hardy flowers and busy insects.

A giant black and yellow bee lumbered into the frame sounding more like a lawnmower than anything else. It startled me so much that the picture turned out too blurry to post. Next time, hopefully.


14 replies to “Lavender Abuzz

  1. Nice captures, Sandra. Bees do love lavender. You did a good job getting them in focus. I always struggle with getting them sharp. And yes, the hazard of bee photography is getting dive bombed by one. Have a great day. Take care.

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    1. I came upon that bumble bee again! But the pictures are from so far away I’m having to crop them way down. I hope I’m able to salvage a good one to share. I hope you’re doing well Chris! Take care

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    1. Thank you Pete! Lavender is a favorite of mine too. It is very bee friendly. I found another bumble bee this morning when I was out for a walk. There was fencing that kept me from getting up close. I’m hoping I captured a picture that I can share. I hope you’re doing well, Pete!

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