Welcome Back

Day 3 of 100+ temperatures. Too hot to make new photos so I’m sharing a collection of pictures from the archives.

We are fortunate to have a small duck pond nearby.

It’s a great place to bird watch while getting in some exercise.

Here’s one of the bridges that stretches over the pond. This tree is massive. If you look to the left of the oak in the skyline you can see one of the houses that borders this wildlife area. The residents around here must encounter some rowdy visitors from time to time.

Here’s what that footbridge looks like up close.

I hope you enjoyed this walk with me. You are awesome and I know you’re gonna rock this day!


13 replies to “Welcome Back

    1. Thank you so much! I visited this park again this morning and found that the duck weed has completely covered the surface of the entire pond. It looks yucky now. I appreciate your visit and I hope you’re doing well.


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