White Gardenia

Remember that gardenia bud I shared with you awhile back?

It blossomed into a fragrant vision! My Grandma Maria loved to wear these in her hair.

Maria and Felix

I think of her when I hear this Justin Townes Earle song that he wrote with Billie Holiday in mind.

“Maybe she went back to Baltimore
Bet she packed her bags the night before

Took a taxi down to Lex and 44th
Caught the first train to Baltimore

‘Cause long ago she left her heart there
‘Cause she could not stop the bleeding

White dress, white shoes, and white gardenias.”

-Justin Townes Earle / White Gardenias


18 replies to “White Gardenia

      1. That’s right! We did both post classic trucks, those yours looked to actually be in running condition. Life is good here. I’m prepping for classes. I hope things are well there also.

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      2. That is bitterseeet. Are you a teacher? It’s so strange not saying goodbye to students in person. It seems so anticlimactic. I’m doing well here. I hope all is well there.

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      3. I’m a school psyc. Are you a teacher? It’s been an unusual year, for sure! I’m happy to hear you are doing well Chris. Take good care.


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