Top Cat

My daughter spotted this stealthy feline perched on top of a fence on our morning walk. Bird watching?


      1. Sandra

        I was undecided this go around Chris! And the check out line was intimidating. Next time I’ll get an early start and probably have better luck. Your wife sounds like a real green thumb! How wonderful! You take care too!

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      1. John

        Did I just ‘date’ myself? 😂 Oh yes, Fred Flintstone, and how about The Jetson’s? The stuff called cartoons today just don’t cut the mustard!! I’m well, thanks Sandra. I hope and yours are too. ❤️

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    1. Sandra

      Thank you so much Mark! Honestly her discovery startled me before I realized it was only a cat because our most recent unexpected wildlife encounter on this stretch of the walk was a long black and yellow snake!


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