Fencing and Signs

Leading up to an old oak tree.

Defining a pathway.



If ever I do encounter a rattlesnake on the trail I will not be pausing to compose a portrait. I can imagine myself running so fast that my feet turn into those blurry dust cloud images drawn in old cartoons to depict a quick getaway. How about you? Have you ever seen a live rattlesnake in nature? Would you stop to snap a photo?


14 replies to “Fencing and Signs

  1. Good morning, Sandra. I like the first photo a lot. The fence is such a great leading line. I saw rattlesnakes twice while on a vacation in Baja California Sur. Actually, we all whipped out our cameras and started taking photos as the guides cautioned us to maintain our distance. 😂

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      1. Oh yes I heard that distinctive and frightening rattle several times! The scariest encounter was when I was walking in a dry stream bed with 5 foot or so high banks. I heard the rattle going and there at my eye level was a large rattler about 3 feet away, head cocked back in that ready to strike position. I still shudder when I remember that, probably the most scared I have ever been in my life.

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  2. They are evil. A friend of ours was bitten by one in his suburban garage a few months ago. Started pacing back and forth as he called 911 and they told them to immediately sit down and stop circulating the venom through his blood. Each dose of Anti-Venom was $10,000, and I believe he told us he ultimately had to use seven by the time he was discharged several days later. Rattlesnakes are nothing to be messed around with.

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    1. YIKES! I feel for your friend! That sounds absolutely miserable. I will most definitely without a doubt avoid any run ins with these little devils! Thank you very much. Take care Kerbey!


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