Around Town

What I saw on a recent drive around town.

Cool sky
Decorative bridge over a dry creek bed.
An older home on the market looking for love.

Those home renovation shows on tv are magical. I love watching them transform an uninhabitable home into a stunner within the hour. Do you watch these shows too? I wish Hollywood would come make over this place. It looks like it was once a real gem. I wish I had the carpentry skills and know how to tackle a project like this myself.


19 replies to “Around Town

    1. I do too, Chris! It’s sad to see it boarded up. It’s right next to a delicious hole in the wall Mexican restaurant/counter, next to the railroad tracks too. Might be hard to sell in that way. But it’s a beautiful home from what I can see from the outside.

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      1. Yeah, the location is kind of difficult but it might be a good deal for someone who doesn’t have a lot of money but is handy with a hammer. It kind of reminds me of some homes we saw in New Orleans. I likew that style. Have a great one. Take care

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    1. Me too! I would love to watch them transform this place. It looks like it has great potential! BTW John, a Wilson look-a-like moved into the neighborhood. I’ll have to see if I can get a photograph for you. He’s on their front porch!


    1. Right! The renovations take a long while, I imagine, but they piece snippets of the process together and share the results in a 1 hour broadcast. Kind of like a time lapse. I’m not sure I’m explaining it clearly. It’s very satisfying and entertaining to see a disaster of a project transform into an enviable property in a short time. I hope you are doing well out your way!

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      1. Ah, that explains it. Thanks. Yes, those programmes have a way of transforming something ram-shackled or ordinary into something very special. All is good here thanks, hope you and yours are well too. 😊

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    1. Thank you so much Mark! Yes, HGTV is on regularly around here too. It’s comforting to watch all the disasters cleaned up and improved beyond recognition in a short amount of time. Happy endings always. Speaking of endings, Happy Friday Bro!


      1. Is there a better way to start the weekend? I can’t think of a scenario that bests that one! Enjoy bro! Take good care.


  1. That house needs some love. And the blue is quite lovely.

    I do like watching those shows but when we are here in Pennsylvania we are always updating. (Older home) This could be the first summer we are not!

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    1. I’m happy to hear you have a relaxing summer ahead! If ever there was a summer to take it as easy as possible…

      Thank you for visiting Nancy! I hope you are healthy and happy in Pennsylvania!


  2. I’m crazy about those shows! Home Town and Fixer Upper are the best. They have inspired me so much I feel like I am handy and am actually thinking about buying an old farmhouse to renovate!! Probably way more than I can handle but I might go for it!

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    1. Oh wow! That sounds great! I love those and also Good Bones. I need to find another way to enjoy them though. We downsized our cable pkg and I didn’t realize we were losing this station in the transition. 😦
      I hope your dream of owning farmhouse is realized! Thank you so much for stopping by to visit with me. Take good care!

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