What Once Was

I took this shot back in February when we visited Sutter’s Fort in Sacramento. My grandma had one of these in her garden when I was a kid. I remember feeling afraid of it but didn’t really understand why. It is kinda creepy, isn’t it? Maybe a better way to look at it is as a reminder that life is short.


9 replies to “What Once Was

  1. Definitely a little creepy, Sandra. I see these and immediately think of the Southwest. Here, you see deer and other animal heads or antlers. I’d love a big set of moose antlers (or even one) but not the whole head. Have a great day?

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    1. Moose antlers would be cool! Definitely not creepy at all. My daughter and I made jello (haven’t done that in ages), played with watercolor paints and went for a walk. It was a great day. I hope it was a good day for you too my friend!

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      1. It sounds like a good day there. I worked on a new yard decoration and went for a bike ride. We made some barbecue for dinner. It sounds like we both had great days. Take care.

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  2. I can see why it would appear creepy to a little Sandra! My grandparents had a collection of mugs with faces on them that always scared me when I visited them as a five or six-year-old. They were always staring at me no matter where I went in the house! 👻

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