Gliding By

If you’re into real wildlife photography visit Ted ( and Ellen ( they regularly post images from their daily outings in South Carolina. I’ve enjoyed finding owls, pink spoonbills, alligators, armadillo, and lots more in my feed thanks to Ted and Ellen’s posts.

I thought of Ellen and Ted when I found this beauty high in the sky above us.

Luckily I had my 300mm lens with me!

24 replies to “Gliding By

      1. It was a busy day. I have my third and final class of the summer starting next week and a lot of prep to do. It would have been more fun to join you guys at “the beach”. I hope your daughter has another fun adventure planned for you today.

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  1. Excellent photos, Sandra!! It must be nice to have a zoom lens.

    I made an oops when buying the Nikon Z6 in not checking for zoom lens availability. They are not yet available except for pre-order, and cost $2600 bucks. Ouch!! The 24/70mm does a good job though. Stay well, be safe!

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    1. Thanks so much John! You have the camera of the future. The lenses will follow shortly I’m certain. Hopefully they come down in price though, that’s steep! The images your getting with your 24-70 are impressive! You take good care too.

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      1. That’s the fun part. I find people can only look at so many single photos before they move on. We all do it I think. Besides what we do always has some kind of story, even if it’s our own foolishness while shooting 😂😂


  2. Beautiful! I love these shots!
    I left my zoom camera in AZ… and I just have my cell here in Pennsylvania. (Because of Covid, I wanted to fly light.) So…I am really enjoying your zoom shots of all your pretty birds!
    Happy Day to you Sandra.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! The news from AZ is so troubling. Well, everywhere it seems so bad. But I’m glad you are in Pennsylvania. Happy Friday to you my friend!

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