Lupine Blue

After doing a little research I think this is a Lupine Blue.

Initially I thought this was a tiny leaf or debri of some kind. When I got a little closer I realized it was a butterfly!


19 replies to “Lupine Blue

    1. Hi Chris, yes. This is small maybe an inch at most. I zoomed in on her. I was surprised by the name too but then I looked at the photo again and did see some blue near the body just as in the pictures on the website. This morning we saw a monarch! Unfortunately it never landed. Just fluttered by. I hope you’re doing well today!

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      1. You’re welcome! Don’t you just love days like that—variety and great photo opportunities! It is HOT here, passed 90 before noon, and humid so we are staying in at home. With the increase in COVID cases in SC that’s the best choice for now, even without the heat. Have a great day and stay safe!

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