Hidden Falls

During COVID our state recreational parks are open to local residents for essential outdoor time and exercise.

Our daughter taking in the backstory.

A spill along the trail where we found a spider web.

More views from the trail.

I’ll have more pictures to share with you tomorrow. Until then take good care!


17 replies to “Hidden Falls

  1. What a nice trail, Sandra. You’re fortunate to have trails so close by. It’s impressive that your daughter actually stops to read the interpretive signs. Your spider web shot is great. I saw two on one of my bridge outtings recently and could not get a shot of either one that allowed me to actually see the web. Do you have any pointers? Have a fun day.

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    1. Hi Chris, yes we do feel fortunate to be near some nice trails. I’m happy you like my spider web shot! It is tricky capturing these. Erik and Oliva were tired of waiting for me because it took so long to get the shot, poor guys. I’m so lucky they put up with me. My only tip really is trial and error. I have to try all the angles to get the light to hit it right. Sometimes it works sometimes it just doesn’t come through. Keep trying. You take good care my friend!

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  2. The word that came to mind as I was looking at these images was soft. Sometimes I go to a photographer’s blog, and I am inundated with images that I didn’t want to see. But yours are pleasant.

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    1. Thank you so much Mark! I hope you had a great day. I was in an all day virtual training. Feeling tired but happy to be at the end of the day! I hope you’re doing well bro!


      1. Thank you Mark! I’m feeling good about it so far. Distance learning takes some getting used to. Oliva makes it look easy. I hope you’re doing well!


    1. Hi there! Thank you for visiting! I like this park too. We stopped going when parking became an issue. It became congested for a while there. But we rediscovered it recently. It was a pretty day. I hope you are doing well.

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      1. It was busy but not crowded as we’ve experienced in the past. We checked the website before we went for the latest guidelines and restrictions. Since it’s open to local residents only they are pausing reservations. I think they’ll return to that system when CA fully re-opens?

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