Jewel on the Pond

Same flower. The first shot was taken in the morning. When the sun shines they open up.


20 replies to “Jewel on the Pond

    1. Thank you Chris! They might be my favorite flower. I wish I had captured more light. I should have tried my flash to fill in the shadows. Next time. I hope you had a great day!

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      1. Hi Chris, hope you’re doing well! Thank you so much. I think these are my favorite flowers. They’re so amazing! They grow from under the water! Imagine that! It was a long day. I’m happy to be wrapping it up. You take good care!

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      2. Your welcome. It is amazing they can grow from underwater. It sounds like you had another training day. Well, we are closer to the end of the week than the beginning. Have a great evening.

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    1. Hackysack ball! You’re making me flash back to my college days. Suddenly Dave Mathews is in my head and the smell of patchouli incense is in the air. 🙌🏽😎👍🏼


  1. Hello Sandra… from the morning bloom to the afternoon bloom… it reminds me of our AZ cactus blooms. In the morning they are tight and secure but then the afternoon sun kisses them with their sunbeams and they open up wide.
    I love how the water droplets are sprinkled upon this flower. It’s a lovely capture, Sandra.
    Enjoy this beautiful Wednesday!


    1. Thank you so much Nancy! We have a neighbor who has cacti in their front yard. I saw the beautiful blooms and went out the next day to try and photograph them but they had already died off. Makes me wonder if their blossoms don’t last long in general. Nice to hear from you Nancy! Take good care!

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      1. Noted! Will definitely file that away. These blooms were a gorgeous creamy pink. I wish I had known then that they wouldn’t last. Next time! Thank you Nancy! Take care ❤️

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      1. I know, I have a pretty good collection myself! We are well, thank you. It’s really been too hot to stay out except first thing so we haven’t been far. Looking forward to this run of 90+ days ending…sometime in August, maybe. Ugg. I hope you are doing well, too and getting to enjoy some of summer.

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      2. Hi Ellen, we are doing well too. Happy to hear you are both doing what you can to stay safe and comfortable. We are hoping for a break in the heat too! Nice to hear from you.

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