Blue Goose

The Blue Goose is an event center in Loomis, California. Their website indicates that from 1945-2001 it was a fully operational fruit packing shed. Community members and local businesses came together to preserve this historic landmark.


  1. John

    Wow, I love this photo, Sandra!! It’s great to see a community come together on things like this for preservation. The photo also reminds me so much of my Michigan hometown around the Amtrak train depot and the grainery. Be safe and well!! 🙏🏻❤️

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      1. milfordstreet

        That’s the thing about busy days; winding down at the end and just spending time with family feels so good. It was a good day here. I’m excited about tomorrow. I’m observing an online ESL class at our state university. It’s a special program and I’m hoping to get ideas for my classes. Have a great night. 😴

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      2. Sandra

        That is very cool Chris! My mom was an ESL instructional aid for about 15 years back in the 80’s. She loved her work with the students. I hope it goes well. Take good care!


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