Egret and Friend

I took these early in the morning and I was on the wrong side of the light unfortunately. But look who zipped into the frame! A hummingbird.

I played with the exposure here to try to bring out the details of the egret.

I left this one in silhouette so you could see them both perched like a couple of pals gazing in the same direction.


23 replies to “Egret and Friend

    1. Hi Jason, I’m a novice. I know how to use the photos app on my iphone and CropSize for editing. I primarily use those two. I also like Snapseed and sometimes Hipstamatic. Do you have a favorite photo editor?

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      1. Thank you for the tip! I think this is the app my friend Chris was recommending. I need to make time to take a look. Thanks again!


  1. Nice work with these, Sandra. It’s frustrating when the light is in the wrong place and we can’t move to capture it. You have quite the bird life there. Have a great Sunday.


    1. Good morning Chris! Yes, it is frustrating when the light is off and you can picture a beautiful shot in your head but it doesn’t come through. I am just now realizing how diverse our bird population is out here. It’s fun discovering new varieties. I hope you’re doing well!


  2. This is really something else!
    Wish we in the all of the different of the human race could just hang out so peacefully like these two!
    I love what you captured… it’s not all about the lighting at times… sometimes it’s about the moment and where and how you felt when you captured it.

    Have a blessed week!

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