Wide Eyed Woodpecker

I’m not staring, you’re staring.

We have lots of Acorn Woodpeckers in our neighboring old oak trees.

This one is enjoying some me time while thinking deep thoughts.


36 replies to “Wide Eyed Woodpecker

    1. I’m happy you like these Bro! Their eyes crack me up so wide and alert! Nervous little things. I guess these days are getting to all of us. Stay safe and healthy Mark!


    1. Your bird feeder is a lively place, Chris. Bears, chipmunks, birds, turkeys. Makes me picture the water cooler at work with all the fun characters hanging around visiting. 🙂 have a great night!

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      1. Ha ha ha. It is kind of the local water cooler. The squirrels are eating a lot of the birdseed these days. One squirrel has a sweet tooth and drinks the hummingbirds’ sugar water.

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      2. I love it! Great for observing behavior and it must be entertaining. Maybe a little expensive too if their sweet tooth is anything like mine! Enjoy your night!

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      1. Glad you are doing well out there and taking the precautions, Sandra! 🙂 We so have to respect this virus. It is on the rise again here, with hotspots popping up unfortunately.

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      2. I know you’re right Pete. That’s a good way to think of it, respectfully. It should not be underestimated or minimized. I hope we can come together and agree on that quickly over here and I hope it loses momentum out your way too. Take care!

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    1. Thank you Ellen! I’m happy to share these with you. They are colorful and loud! They store acorns in the holes they drill into trees. They store them tightly so that other critters can’t steal them. 🙂

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  1. Way back in the earliest days of my misspent youth living in Winnsboro Texas with my grandparents, I managed to capture a red headed woodpecker. Tried to domesticate him.
    He was having none of it.
    So I decided to give him back his freedom.
    But I made a fatal (for him) calculation:
    I set him free in sight of my dog, Spot (Yeah, I actually had a dog named ‘Spot.’–I am very simple-minded)
    Before the bird could finish taxi-ing off the runway and take flight, Spot grabbed him and…
    too graphic.
    Suffice to say,
    I suffered a lot of remorse for not thinking through the liberation of the red-headed woodpecker.
    I will burn in Hell for that transgression.
    On top of all the other transgressions which have been performed by me since.
    Wonderful photo Sandra.
    “I’ll be back.’
    To see more.

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    1. Lance! I have missed your stories. You are an original. Thank you for visiting my place and sharing this colorful memory with me. As for burning in hell, I am pretty sure the entertainment is better down there anyway. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. 😉


  2. Such a hard bird for me to capture. Your photos are awesome. We have so many of these acorn woodpeckers at The Holler. But they remain content in the oak trees, and always slightly out of zoom.
    Smart birds.
    You are a smart photographer.

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