Coyote and Hare

Another Jack sighting.

Stay alert little buddy!

Coyote on the hillside.


20 replies to “Coyote and Hare

    1. Thank you Chris! Mostly while walking. Once in awhile I’ll pause for a short while to see if anything appears. These are pathways that are frequently in use so these guys are used to having people around. Did I tell you they’re building 300 new homes in this area 😦

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      1. Oh no, that’s too bad about all of the new homes. I wonder if that will mean the animals will go away or there will be more encounters as people encroach on their territory. You must be fast on the shutter to make these images on while walking.


      2. I’m wondering if this is why I’ve seen so much more wildlife recently. They are prepping the area for development. Sigh. I’m sorry I think I misunderstood. I take these shots while out on my walks but yes I do come to a full stop to compose and snap the images. Sometimes I’ll loiter a bit to see what might appear if I’m quiet and still. Looking forward to heading out for another long walk tomorrow. I hope you’re doing well Chris! Take care

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      3. I’m still impressed with the shots you get. Perhaps the work to prep the area is causing the hares and coyotes to be displaced. I wish you luck on your morning walk. Maybe you’ll find something post-worthy. Have a great night. 😴

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    1. Thank you so much Bro! That shot is one of my favorites right now too because I feel like there’s a fall mood to it that’s emerging. Change is in the air. Let’s hope! Take good care!


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