Keep Going

Per Wikipedia, Lorquin’s Admiral is a butterfly named for a French naturalist who came to California from France during the gold rush and made important discoveries on the natural history of the terrain.

This one is looking like 2020 has had it’s way with him. But he’s not giving up. Pressing onward after taking a short rest. Higher and higher he flew.

Thanks to my daughter for pointing this one out on our walk. She was distraught with his appearance. It’s hard to know what to say at times. “Sometimes we get injured but we keep going.” She nodded her head and we walked on.

If you love images of butterflies check out:

A Little Bit Out of Focus


Peter Hillman’s Nature Journal


    1. Sandra

      It is my pleasure Mike! Your pictures are so beautiful. The sights out your way are breathtaking. I will not tell my daughter that you have seen others in worse condition. That would really sadden her. You take good care!

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  1. LAMarcom

    First and foremost of all, these are beautiful photos.
    Thank you for humoring me.
    Begs repetition: I love your work.
    Now, for the spam:
    When I was in Ologapo, the girls (Filipina) called me a butterfly.
    Of course I asked ‘Why?”
    “Because you float from flower to flower.”
    Made sense then.
    Makes sense now.

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    1. Sandra

      I don’t tinker with my settings much because I don’t fully understand that end of things. But I do know that WP has had a recent rash of hacking and I suspect maybe they moved a giant lever from the admin side of things to force us all to moderate comments with links embedded for extra security? That’s my guess. I’m glad you’re back on WP. How are you feeling?

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  2. LAMarcom

    Well… since you are a friend and seem to care, I will be honest: I am struggling to get on with my UBH saga. Writing is HARD! I suspect photography it too. What I mean is that after rehab, I did not fall off the wagon. I threw me off and then I called in an air-strike to ensure that the wagon did not survive. DT Monster is still at-bay, and I am determined to keep him at arm’s length.
    I will get to the rest of UBH and Rehab. I do declare: There is So Much Material there. This should write itself. But alas; it doesn’t
    You did ask.
    Cheers, My Good Dear Friend.
    P.S. I think the ‘comment awaiting moderation’ was just internet lag. Sorry I brought it up.

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  3. LAMarcom

    Ah yes! Lenny! Thank you for reminding me! Lenny always chases off that DT Monster. Laughter is the Song of the Soul. Quite frankly, I am surprised (and flattered) that you have remembered what a Lenny fan I am…. I suppose he is an acquired taste.


    1. Sandra

      Cool! Lance, I’m following your writing and commenting as I go but my comments aren’t loading up on your site. Maybe the same pblm u noticed on my site earlier? Anyway just wanted you to know I’m rooting for you!

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  4. LAMarcom

    Sandra, I am sad (and pissed) that WP won’t show your comments. They inspire me to write more. I feel robbed… Do me a favor: either email them to me, or drop them here. (Yes, I know this will clog up your posts, but I want to read your comments.) Or just email them to me if you are comfortable with that:


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