Orb Weaver

A quick Google search has me thinking this is a variety of orb weaver spider.

I also learned that wasps will fly into a web and mimic the vibration of a struggling insect to lure the spider near. When in close proximity it will carry the spider away to be paralyzed and stored as a live meal for its young! Nature is fierce my friends!


21 replies to “Orb Weaver

    1. Thank you Pete! Yes, it was a showy web out in the open. Knowing what is overhead and buzzing nearby makes me cringe but the world’s got to eat I suppose. You take good care out there friend!

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    1. Good question! I didn’t know so I looked it up and found this on a spider reference site, “The orb-weaver spider is not poisonous; rather, it is toxic, but its venom is not powerful enough to cause harm to humans. When the spider bites, the venom delivered through its fangs causes a localized swelling and redness that typically disappears from the skin in approximately one day.”


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