These two chatting in a tree high up in the sky.

It was hard to compose this pairing with my lens.

The only two objects in the sky in the very early morning.


39 replies to “Pairs

    1. Thank you Indira! I’m homebound for a few days because there are so many wildfires in the area that there’s actually ash and heavy smoke in the air. Wild fire season. Take good care!


    1. Thank you Nancy! I am happy I snapped these when I did because the skies are smoky and ash is visibly coming down as it’s wild fire season here in CA. We are a safe distance. I hope others are doing the best they can. Take good care!

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    1. I’m happy you enjoyed these Chris! We have been under dark smoky skies, ash floating heavy in the air from all the wildfires. Missing my photo walks. But feeling fortunate to be safe. Hope you’re doing well!

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      1. Wow, thank goodness you haven’t been affected other than a stop to your walks. We don’t get the problems with wildfires here, like you do. I hope you continue to be safe, my friend.

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    1. Thank you Ellen! Unfortunately we haven’t seen skies this blue in about a week. Smoky ashy skies from the fires. But fortunately we are a safe distance from the affected areas. I hope you and Ted are doing well!


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