There’s a bushy tree off the walking path where these hummingbirds are always zipping around.


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    1. Thank you, Mark! They are interesting busy little ones. I found this on Wikipedia: “The lower beak of hummingbirds is flexible and can bend as much as 25 degrees when it widens at the base, making a larger surface for catching insects. Hummingbirds hover within insect swarms in a method called ‘hover-hawking’ to facilitate feeding.” Cool, huh?


    1. Thank you Indira! Usually they’re always on the go. I was fortunate that I had the time to wait them out this morning and was able to catch their brief resting period. I hope you’re doing well!


      1. All is well, thanks!! I see them zipping around the trees in other’s backyards and mine. I’m not sure about the best hummingbird feeder I can get.

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      2. Glad you’re doing well. I’m not sure about hummingbird feeders either. When I was growing up my mom bought one because she loves birds too. She had to throw it out because the ants bombed it and clogged it all up. The solution they drink is really sugary. If you do get one you like let me know I think I’d like to try one out in our yard. I’ll do the same if I find one.


  1. Oh, you did well capturing these, Sandra. We have hummingbird feeders at home, and there are alsways lots of them around. I think I’ve only posted a single image so far this year. They’re so fun to watch. Nicely captured. I hope your day is going great. Take care

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    1. Thank you Chris! These are really fun birds to observe. Good thinking with the bird feeder! Do you ever have trouble with ants mobbing the feeder? My mom stopped using hers for that reason. Take good care


  2. Ah! Humming birds.
    I am tone-deaf.
    Cannot sing a lick
    Yet, I was cast in the roll of Cap’n Von Trapp.
    (sound of Music, HS Play)
    What were they thinking?
    NE Way..
    I get it.
    Great Photo and Post, Sandra.

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