On Perfection

Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.

-Salvador Dali

I’ve decided to refer to my mistakes as “abstracts.” Here’s two abstracts just for fun.


26 replies to “On Perfection

      1. You are welcome, Sandra 🙂 I have a Siama 18-300 mm lens, which is lighter than the 105 mm macro lens. What I like about the 18-300 mm is that it allows me to not only zoom out for the distant shots, but I can also take some macro with it, too, though not as close as the 105 macro. I also have the Nikon 70-300 mm, but I haven’t used it since I bought the 18-300 mm. But I find 300 mm is not really enough, especially for birds. I need to invest in something for further reach, but they probably get heavier still once you go beyond 300 mm.


      2. Thanks Pete. I’m with you, I want more reach than the 300mm but the heft of the lens and the price tag are real limitations. Maybe I’ll look into a rental as a way of test driving one. I’ll let you know if I find something worthwhile.

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    1. Thank you Chrissie! I’m trying to teach my daughter by example that it’s ok, good even, to make mistakes. It means we’re trying, right? Your header is very cool! Take good care 😘

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