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Smoky Days

The smoke and ash in the sky have been clogging up the oxygen outside! Fortunately we are out of the way of the wildfires that are burning up CA right now. But the poor air quality has us indoors 100% of the time these days. The Nikon is getting a rest. I’ve been strumming my ukulele lately.

And working on a pair of socks.

When you’re stuck inside what do you like to do?

35 replies to “Smoky Days

  1. Wildfires… sounds dangerous. Over here it is raining and wet. A reason for me and Boomer to stay inside as well. And I am strumming one of my guitars frequently. Trying to work my way back into fingerpicking. Stay safe. Happy days. Reinhold

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    1. Fingerpicking! I took group lessons when I first learned to play ukulele 10 years ago. Our instructor showed us how to play a couple songs in that style and I loved it. But have since forgotten. I should look for my notes and try that again. It was so much fun. Thanks Reinhold! You stay safe too.


  2. Glad you are safe from the fires there, Sandra, despite the vey poor air quality which has you indoors. I have been watching it on the news here. As if Covid-19 was not enough! That is a very nice instrumnet you have there. I have an acoustic guitar and a classical guitar, but haven’t played for a while. Keep well, and stay safe!

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  3. That’s a beautiful ukulele, wish I knew how to play. So sorry about the terrible smoke, Sandra. Good idea to stay indoors! I’m glad the fires aren’t near you guys. Lots of smoke fog here some days, the weather channel shows the sat. view, the smoke is easily seen from space.


    1. Isn’t that a strange sad view, John? I’ve seen a couple of those shots from space and it looks like such a mess. I hope containment happens soon. It’s very scary. My parents live near one of the hot spots. So far they have not been ordered to evacuate but they are in an area that is being advised to stand by. Hoping it’s snuffed out soon! Take good care!

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  4. Oh Sandra… I am praying for the fires to stay far away from you and hoping the air gets better.

    I love your ukulele and am happy you have it out for everyone to see. And those socks look like they will keep your feet warm on cold days!

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    1. Thank you Nancy! We really are thankful to be in the clear so far. I hope for swift containment! I’m happy you like these pictures. Just a couple things that bring me joy. I hope you’re doing well my friend and staying safe. ❤

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    1. Hasn’t this year been something else? I keep saying it can’t get worse. My husband told me the other day that I need to just stop saying that. He’s right. Maybe I’m jinxing it! 2020 is taking it as a challenge. You take good care.

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    1. A couple hobbies that slow down my overactive brain. It runs away with worry if I don’t keep it in check! A woodshop sounds like a fine place to escape when you need to. Cool! Take care Chris

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  5. I have been worrying about how close the fires are to you guys, Sandra. I’m glad they are staying that far but sad they are keeping you indoors. Of course, I feel awful for all whose lives they are unsettling in all degrees.

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    1. Thanks so much, Mark! We will be ok. Thankful to be in the clear so far. I feel for others who have been completely uprooted. It must be so hard during this time. I hope September brings brighter days. You take good care and thank you again for your kind words.


      1. Curses! I’ll have another look at settings. It’s hard to find all the fields in the mobile version of the site. I’ll give it a go tomorrow on the laptop. Thank you so much for letting me know!

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    1. I wish I could say it is Chrissie! This is an illustration I love from an Etsy seller. Their shop is called the Jumping Flea. Thank you so much for stopping by. Always nice to hear from you.

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