Found this slender fellow in the backyard at lunch time. Their eyes are so unusual!

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    1. Happy Labor Day Chris! Thank you so much. I started to wonder what eats the aphids in your area if you don’t have many mantis so I looked up “mantis diet” and found this on and boy was I wrong! check this out, “Praying mantis predominantly feed on crickets, grasshoppers, spiders, (monarch) butterflies, beetles, and occasionally other praying mantises. They are tough predators and are known to consume hummingbirds. Hummingbirds mostly fall trap to mantis when they come to the sugar water to drink.

      Most, if not all, mantises are ambush predators. They will prefer to catch live prey and get as close to the prey as possible. When the prey is within its reach praying mantis strikes quickly. They can even camouflage themselves but if they can’t mantises will stalk slowly partially like a leopard.”

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      1. They seem like fearsome creatures. The wife of a friend got a bunch to do pest control on her garden. i think it worked out pretty well. Kepp them away from our hummingbirds though. I rather like our litle fast feathered friends.

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      2. Yes! I could not believe when I read that part, but I researched it. The larger mantis can and do stalk hummingbirds. Wild! I didn’t know you could purchase them in that way. Sounds better than using toxic poisons , if they leave the hummingbirds alone. 😉 take good care!

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  1. I LOVE this, Sandra!!! Praying mantises ROCK!!! We always had them when we lived in California. HUGE and so funny/beautiful. You don’t really see them so much here in GA….and the don’t get that big where I live! Amazing photo! I’m having Mantis envy!!! 🤣Cheers and Thank You!!! 🤗❤️😊


    1. They are kind of funny and awkward looking. But wow did I underestimate their potential! I thought they were meek and fed on aphids. Not at all.stalker predator types when they grow larger. EEEK! Thanks for marveling at them with me! Take good care Katy❤️

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