Another smoky sun.

18 replies to “Skyscape

  1. Oh, dear Sandra, I worry for you all on the west coast. I do hope that you are able to stay safe. As if the pandemic wasn’t bad enough you’re having to cope with fires as well. Here in Northern Ireland, it’s the rain and rising sea levels that will cause problems.

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    1. I appreciate your concern Ashley. We are experiencing extremes everywhere it seems. My husband and I sometimes daydream about “somewhere else” but don’t think we can outrun this predicament. It’s everywhere it seems just looks different in other places just like you said. You please take good care too.

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    1. I think that image of the grasshopper I shared this week shows some particles of ash on the insect. Ash is coating everything. You can see it floating in the air. Smells like a campfire in the house. Stings your eyes when you have to go outside to take the trash out. The sky is orange and strange looking. The fire In Oroville has taken 10 lives. That’s about an hour away. I feel so badly for our firefighters and families affected.

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      1. That sounds really challenging to contend with, though at least you’ve not had to evacuate. It has just been an awful year for wildfires and pretty much everything else. You take care. And thank you for answering my questions.

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