Tiny Flowers

One of my biggest challenges with photography is holding still.

It sounds so easy but the weight of the Nikon D7500 paired with a macro lens makes for a hefty load to hold steady.

A tripod seems too fussy but it would likely improve focus and clarity.


  1. milfordstreet

    Yes, the tripod would improve things but it means lugging the tripod out and setting it up. I often skip the tripod because it’s not convenient. But this week, I did a panorama using my Canon mounted on a tripod and then editing it in Lightroom (as opposed to just using my iPhone to make the shot). There is a big difference.

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    1. Sandra

      I really like this strategy! Since finding I could focus the Sigma lens myself this has been such a useful suggestion. Still sometimes I’m swaying about like a lunatic or the breeze/wind kicks in. I think I will try experimenting with a tripod or something similar. I really haven’t tried using one previously.

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      1. Peter Hillman

        I know what you mean about the swaying about like a lunatic lol! 🙂 I tried tripod in the past but it didn’t work for me. I tend to just grab opportunities whenever I see them. Where possible I lean against something, brace myself with shoulder arm, hand even head, to help steady the camera, but this is not alway possible, I know. I am glad you like the strategy, I use it all the time.

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      2. Sandra

        This is very much my style too Pete. I spontaneously follow the subjects where they take me. That’s a big part of what I enjoy most about making pictures. Thanks for sharing your insights Pete!

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