What’s on the fence today.


24 replies to “Dragonfly

    1. Thank you Ashley! I think they are drawn to our pool. They hover over it and sometimes appear to touch the surface, maybe they’re drinking the pool water? Yuck. But I’m happy they stop by.


    1. Thank you Chris! Yes, the fence is a popular place. I think it’s the pool that they enjoy loitering around really. They scatter to the fence when I go out back. I hope your Monday went by quickly! 🙂 Take good care

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  1. OH MAN!!! This is the coolest photo of a dragonfly ever, Sandra!!! I’ve spent crazy amounts of time with dragonflies…had them crawling all over me by a creek, even….but I never noticed their mouths look like that! What cool mouths they have! Those are some rockin’ “lips”! Wow! Thanks for the smile You just gifted! I’m going to be gazing pretty hard in the garden this morning and my man’s got to see this one when he wakes up! Cheers and huge hugs Your way!!! 🤗❤️😊

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