Grandma Alonzo

My dear grandma was a beautiful lady who raised six children by herself.

Grandma with my daughter on Mother’s Day several years ago.

Grandma Alonzo passed away at age 92 yesterday due to COVID-19 complications.


36 replies to “Grandma Alonzo

    1. Thank you Lance! She was an amazing lady. And the life she lived, she was always so generous even though she didn’t have much to give. I am looking for an article that was written about her in the small local paper years ago. I have a copy of it. Just need to find it. Such a loss.

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    1. Thank you dear friend. I’m looking for a newspaper clipping I saved from several years ago about how giving she was in the community, she didn’t have a lot to give. Just an amazing lady. I’ll share it when I find it. Thank you again. xoxo


    1. Thank you so much Steve. 92 years, she made the most of her time and lived her life for others. At least she is no longer suffering from the complications of C-19. What a horrible disease. Please take good care.

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