Fabric and Wool

Around the house.

Some new fabric I’m crazy about.

Completed those socks I was working on previously.

Wild and crazy times around here as you can imagine with all the wool and fabric strewn about.


25 replies to “Fabric and Wool

      1. Alex will you please do me a favor and check to see if my comments on your blog were routed to your spam bin? I’m finding my comments are vanishing once I hit send. Another blogger shared that she found one of my replies in her spam folder.


  1. Hi Sandra, what are those pictures (the 1st and 2nd)? I love the colours, like paintings! Are you also an artist? The socks are beautiful too. A wonderful colour! So are you also a craft worker?

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    1. Hi Ashley, so happy you enjoyed these. The first two are pictures of a dress, kind of soft and out of focus. I just love the colors and texture of the fabric. Knitting is something that has been passed down by my grandma to my mom and me. It feels like a family tradition and I enjoy it. I’m not an artist or a craft worker. Just a hobbyist. Do you enjoy any hobbies?

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      1. The dress colours are gorgeous! Your photos remind me of paintings (Paul Klee?). Your socks excite me too because I wanted to do ‘textiles’ at college but it didn’t happen! You ask about my hobbies and to be honest, your question stopped me in my tracks. I was a very keen archer, once upon a time, but ended up coaching! I seem to end up doing voluntary work for others. Since retirement though, I’ve been writing much more and I hope to gather up my poems and illustrate them to leave in a book for my daughters. However, textiles, whether woven or knit, still captivate me and your beautiful socks ‘knock me out’!

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      2. An archer! That’s so cool! And I love the idea of creating a handmade self-illustrated book of poetry. That would be a tremendously touching gift for your daughters to have I’m certain. If we lived closer I could show you how to knit these. It’s a fun distraction. Thank you for visiting with me! Take care

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    1. Thank you Chris! Your wife is into fiber art too? Awesome! My grandma and my mom too. It feels like a family tradition for me and it has a meditative quality. Quiets my chatty brain. Happy Friday dear friend!

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    1. Thank you Mike! Did you know those adorable blacknose sheep are sometimes used to produce yarn? I might not be able to afford to purchase a sheep but maybe I can buy a hank of yarn for a nice pair of socks. I’ll keep you posted!

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      1. Yes, it’s strange, and one that should have been in spam made it into my email inbox. But generally, the spam lands in the right place, and the real comments do, too. You’re welcome!


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