Here’s a garden update.

The succulent I planted a couple years ago is multiplying.


25 replies to “Succulent

    1. Thank you Ashley! Yes, they are compact and can grow as a kind of ground cover under the right conditions. My mom has a beautiful carpet like pathway growing outside of her back porch. They are pretty.

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  1. Such a lovely succulent! We grow them quite nicely out here in AZ. That’s right…mIm back in AZ. It going to take some time before I can read and view with you daily. I’ve been working in our gardens… they grew like a JUNGLE!
    How is the smoke… are you able to get outside yet?
    Take care my friend!

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    1. Hi Nancy! Welcome back out west. Nice to hear from you! I hope it’s not terribly hot while you are working outside. It’s starting to cool down over here. The smoke is clearing out fortunately! Thank you for checking in! You take good care too!

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