More Geese

The only honk that’s joyful.


10 replies to “More Geese

  1. Ha ha ha – That is true; it is the only joyful honk. When I stayed at my parents’ home recently, I could hear geese honking at night as I lay in bed. What a great sound to fall asleep to. I love the pattern of geese in the first image. Happy Friday, my friend.


    1. About ten years ago we lived near the city zoo and we could hear the sounds of the animals sometimes at night if it was really quiet on the freeway (that was also nearby). Now we hear the train rolling through town in the distance. It’s not bad because it’s far way. It’s kind of nice hearing that faint sound of the train. Hard to explain the feeling.

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      1. You don’t have to explain. I love the sound of the train in the distance. We don’t have that here but when I was growing up we lived in a house near some train tracks for a time. Hearing the sounds of the animals must have been so cool.

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