More Sunsets

Still smoky. Thought I’d widen the frame so that you can see where these sunset pictures are taken and why only the top of the palm tree is usually visible.

I try to shoot above the fence line. our property is on a slant that’s why the fence looks crooked. The palm tree belongs to our neighbor.

Someone else was watching the sun go down too. Neighborhood pigeon.


33 replies to “More Sunsets

    1. I’m happy you enjoyed these Mark. Our backyard is small but it’s home to a lot of birds I realized since the pandemic began. A few days ago I spotted a hawk on our neighbor’s roof!


    1. thank you Chris! Seriously, when will the fires end? I read an article a few days ago that firefighters were worried that two fires they’ve been trying to put out are approaching each other. So thankful for all the firefighters working so hard in such dangerous conditions to keep us safe.

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  1. I love the opening photo and the last one!
    Over here in the UK, we haven’t seen anything in the news recently about the fires! I do hope they die away soon. It must be frightening for everyone. As if the pandemic wasn’t bad enough!
    Stay safe.

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  2. Great ‘original & after-edit’ shot, Sandra! I was told by a photographer friend once “to crop, crop, crop. And when you’re done cropping, crop some more!” You proved that point perfectly here, there can be lots of surprises in cropping. 😊

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