Sad Trees

I love this pair of weeping willows.

These are situated at the entrance of a gated community up on a hill on the outskirts of town.


18 replies to “Sad Trees

    1. I’m so happy I posted these pictures, I’m learning so much about this variety of tree. It is one of my favorite types of trees but I’ve heard they don’t live very long. Take care Ashley!

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  1. Someone is putting a ton of work into these trees. The ground below looks great, the trees are looking good too. I worked at a private estate for 20+ years that had several of these around a pond, they are very messy trees since the wood is rather soft. They are beautiful trees when manicured this well, Sandra!

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    1. I did not know this John. I’ve heard that this type of tree does not live long but I had no idea they are messy. We don’t see very many around here. Yes, they are really beautiful. Cool that you have had first hand experience with them!


    1. I had no idea they were messy trees. But I can imagine that the limbs must be fragile since they are so thin and with any movement from a breeze or the wind they must break off easily. Sure are pretty though. And I don’t notice them much around here. Thank you for visiting with me!

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  2. My Dad always told me to never plant a Weeping Willow tree as they go towards water and they are messy. Poor trees… they do get a bad wrap. These are taken care of very well. And I love the black and white edit too.
    Great title!
    Take care Sandra!

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    1. Thank you so much Nancy! I’ve heard magnolia trees are messy, never knew this about weeping willows. Your Dad was kind to steer you away from a potential headache. Sure are beautiful trees though.

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  3. Nice. I have a soft spot for willow trees because I had to play the part of the weeping willow in an elementary school play. I remember I had to say all my lines in a hi vibrato so I sounded like I was weeping. Sort of like a ghost voice. If I had become a famous actress, you would definitely have seen my Willow Tree skill set.😜

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