Autumn Light


13 replies to “Autumn Light

    1. Thank you Chris! Honestly I think I had the aperture set for a bird shot and forgot to adjust it. A happy accident. Yes, it’s really dry out here this year. We are so eager for rain. Happy Saturday friend!


      1. One of my favorite moments in journalism, Sis, was when one of my colleague photographers took a great picture of a farmer working successfully with a bounty of crops and another colleague editor wrote under it for the paper ‘Here is a man outstanding in his field.’ At least I remember it that way …

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      2. Oh that’s a great one! I’ll bet you have lots of cool memories like that from those days. Do you think collaboration in journalism is happening in person anymore or is it mostly a Zoom industry now? I wonder what effect that has on the process.


    1. Thank you Lance! I’ve heard this area does look like Texas. I know you’re joking but I understand feeling homesick for the place you live. I think it’s a side effect of the pandemic. Take good care


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