On Dandelions

Did you know that the family of plants that the dandelion belongs to includes lettuce? This website also tells me that you can make wine with dandelions as well!

23 replies to “On Dandelions

    1. Wow! Cool. I think you should sample some and let me know what it’s like! I’ve had roasted dandelion root as a coffee substitute. It’s not bad. Take care John.


    1. The color struck me too Chris. Thank you. I love coffee but more than one cup makes me jittery. I have tried roasted dandelion root as a coffee substitute that I can drink when I want a 2nd cup of coffee without the shakes and the anxiety boost. I really like it. I’m out and need to buy more. You take good care too.

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      1. If you’re interested the brand I’ve tried is called Dandy Blend it has a big dandelion on the pkg. I found it on Amazon. Smooth mellow flavor. I enjoy it. 😉


      2. Ah and Jerry Jeff Walker just passed away. I heard he once said, “Texas was the only place where they didn’t look at me like I was crazy.” 🌟


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