In a Row

Remember Duckie from Pretty in Pink? Great movie. Loved the soundtrack especially!

There was also Howard the Duck.

And of course who can forget Donald and Daffy Duck?

Can you think of any ducks that I missed?


24 replies to “In a Row

    1. Oh those are excellent additions Mike! My daughter still uses a mug, saucer, and plate with Jemima Puddle Duck painted on it. It was gifted to her when she was a baby. The illustrations are so sweet.

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  1. You’ve got lots of ducks there my firend. Want to trade a couple for some turkeys? So, I loved Pretty in Pink and still watch it if it comes on when I have down time. I had the sound track on cassette. That doesn’t make me old right? 😉

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    1. 🤣thank you Chris! I will gladly share some ducks with you! You can keep the turkeys my friend. 😉 if having the soundtrack on cassette makes you old then I am old too buddy. Are you dressing up tomorrow? I’m working from home. I’ll be wearing my Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie. My daughter is going as a Schuyler Sister from Hamilton. 😁

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      1. Wow, you and your daughter are going all out. Is she into Hamilton? Our 12 year old niece is totally into it. I have a face mask that has a Jack-o-lantern nose and mouth on it. I plan to where that tomorrow while running around town getting some errands done in the afternoon. Have fun tomorrow.


  2. Yes always striking I really know so little about birds…but I’m curious as our daughter lives close to a bird sanctuary…and last night our foto club had a zoom meeting with this photographer perhaps , you know him…he had a lot to say and show…

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